Henry Miller revisited

March 12, 2007

I mentioned in my last post that there was a second time when Henry Miller greatly effected my life.  Looking back however I realize that there were other occasions where his words infected my being.  For now I will focus on this one event that occurred a few years back when I was considering the possibility of graduate school.  To apply to many graduate schools you must first take the GRE which is similar to the SAT but for the next level of education. 

So the day of the grand influence.  We (Georgiana and I) go into Border’s Books with the intention of buying a GRE study guide that will allow me access to some online practice tests.  I’m perusing said books.  I’m unsure of the prospect of graduate school and of course this meaningless standardized test.  Why not go over and take a gander at some of the works of my great friend Henry Miller?  A Blessing and possible mistake all rolled into one.

The book: Henry Miller: On Writing.  I believe the Essay is entitled Reflections on Writing.  Do Not read this essay if you are thinking of going back to school.  I can’t get the exact quote at the moment (Will look into it) but it roughly has to do with finding out your path in life.  What I took from it:  You don’t need school to find out your true purpose.  (There is more to it and I just put it on hold so I’ll get the juciest bit of the quote in a day or two. ) Well and I’m out the door sans GRE study guide and Georgiana is dumbfounded at our departure. (Actually I was just talking to her about this episode and she said that she was unattached from the events.  Funny, one’s perspective on things)


Ah, there’s a little picture of the hero.  I have a feeling there will be more exploration into the realm of Henry Miller…and what has changed since I now find myself in graduate school.


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