For you dear reader

March 14, 2007

Now WordPress promises at the end of the blog stats that they do not count me viewing this blog.  Which means of course that one person actually came and viewed this blog!  Now I’m sure I could rustle up a little more readership if I advertised this blog to my friends and family (which might eventually happen).

For this moment I would like to thank the one individual who took the time to read through a couple of the posts.  Right on!  If you come through again and leave a comment or just a link to your own blog I will take the time to peruse your brilliance.

This post dear reader is for you!  Anything that you desire is yours for the asking.  All I can give is what I have–which for the purposes of this blog is words.

Here are a couple for you: (Enjoy!)

Art is only a means to life, to the life more abundant. It is not in itself the life more abundant. It merely points the way, something which is overlooked not only by the public, but very often by the artist himself. In becoming an end it defeats itself.”  ~Henry Miller

In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.”  ~Jiddu Krishnamurti


3 Responses to “For you dear reader”

  1. caitrine9freedom Says:

    it’s nice when someone leaves a comment even if it’s short. It shows interest and caring … blog on … 🙂


  2. Matthew Says:

    Thanks for the support Caitrine!

  3. tovorinok Says:


    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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