We’ll find a title for you yet

March 22, 2007


 Working at the library you are surrounded by books.  Apparent yes and you would think that those who choose to work in a library are big readers.  That may also be true.  What you may not realize is that working in a library does not afford any extra time to read the said books.  (Well in some cases it may if there is too much downtime in a day)  But on the whole one is attracted to the library because of books, gets a job and finds that there is no longer any time to read the books.

I love books.  Sometimes my eyes hurt at the end of the day from reading too much.  Those are glorious days.  So here is my proposal:

I need a paid position that would require me to read and/or listen to books/audiobooks of my choice, full benefits of course and a signing bonus.  I know this may sound like an outrageous proposal but this is what you would get in return:

No complaints.

I’ll always show up on time.

Even if I am sick I can always close my eyes and listen to the latest Philip Pullman selection.

I’ll do a little work even while on vacation and at home.

This is the best part: I will sample from the best that the writing world has to offer.  Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, National Book Award Winners, the list will certainly go on.  You will insure that the best literature will continue to be read!

A bonus feature: I will blog about this wonderful experiment.  I’ll tell anyone who wants to hear about your virtuous nature, your excellent taste in fashion.  Heck, I’ll even get all of the “work” materials myself.

Already at a relatively young age I have a lot of experience in this area and will continue to read right up to the hire date.  You’ve nothing to lose!




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