Waking up today

April 4, 2007

Today the cherry blossoms were falling like snow on my windshield as I relaxed during my dinner break.  I even tracked them into the library as my Converse provide perfect blossom pocket holders.  I’ve since cleaned up my flowery tracks but the image of the cascading spring shower still tickles my brain.

The mockingbird sings strong discordant tunes in search of a mate as I glaze over into sleepiness.  I wonder about the beauty all around and my place as observer of it all.  I’m willing to let go of my identity (for just a moment) to bask in the happenings exploding all around.  Robins dogfighting, leaves waving, cars growling.

My attention translates the enormity of life into these tiny scribblings.  My attention goes back out and is silenced by the unknowableness of the cosmic dance.


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