Life Moments

April 5, 2007

So…how to come to terms with life flows seemingly moving in different directions.  Seeking the practical in this graduate degree and still being open to the creative muse that yearns to be given voice.  Add into that the life situation which has shifted from free-wheeling roamer to householder and worker.  Am I seeing a trend or just a needed change in lifestyle?

The stream that runs through these different life moments (traveler, husband, child, etc.) doesn’t seem to change.  Rather there is an indifferent observing that casually watches the changes says “Ahhh” and continues.  Not to suggest that the continuity ever ceases (it doesn’t) but to translate that feeling into words I must stop it even though it doesn’t stop.  How can I capture with these time-chained words that which is endless?

Well I (we) believe the illuson, let the illusion wash over us and drown in its warm fuzziness.  Yes we often mistake the illusion for reality.  But who am I to say what reality is?


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