Inspiring Blogs

April 6, 2007

I wanted to point out a couple of new (to me) blogs I have been reading and enjoying.  Leah listens to her creative muse and reports back for the benefit of us all.  I enjoy her inspiration-laden posts as well as the humanity inherent in living the life of an expressive personality.  Thanks, Leah.

Michaela is a world traveler and heart-listener who works towards a brighter future and reports back from fields afar.  I am inspired by someone who is doing what they love and admire her courage in pursuing her dream.

Joshuabrings much-needed humor into the Bibliblogisphere (Library-related blogs) and is gracious in both sharing ideas and giving credit.  Keep up the good work!

Although I have never spoken (e-mail or face-to-face) to any of these three individuals, I am touched by their words and thankful for their welcoming messages.  Perhaps one day I will comment on one of their posts but for now I’ll just stew gratefully in gratitude.


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