I swear I’m really working on my paper!

April 7, 2007

I’m working on a paper today, the same one that has been plaguing my existence for the past week or so.  It’s actually not that bad but until it is done will skirt the peripheries of my thoughts like a shade of the night.  And what better way to dodge its piercing blow than to wander over here and allow some space between those academic meanderings.

I’m attending a wedding today with wife (a friend of her’s from an ex-work location) and look forward to a continuation of the good feelings exposed last night at the rehearsal dinner.  When it is time for the toasts I always get this feeling that hovers between wild excitement and mild nausea.  The opportunity for heart-felt expressions and if one is lucky an awkwardness that can thicken the air and make time stand still.  Fortunately that speech did not air itself last night but there was a gem delivered by the brother of the groom. Gonzago talked about the beauty of America and the opportunity for different cultures to come together in this land of the great Melting Pot. The bride is of Indian descent and the groom from Chile. 

Gonzago: (not exact) “And the coming together of these two cultures forms a kind of Superculture.  And this Superculture looks for weapons of mass destruction so that it can bomb other cultures.”

The audience erupts.

Political commentary in a wedding toast is a thing of beauty and in this setting his remarks ignited the sensibilities of the crowd.  I don’t know many people in the party but we are all friends on a common ground after his jab.  So the wedding should be nice and lovely and warm feelings abounding.



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