Life Being Lived

April 10, 2007

At the wedding I attended this weekend I met an interesing man who shares the name of a famous french novelist.  He also plays the saxophone and made the wedding song special with his heartfelt solo.  I’d had a brief conversation with him before but we never really talked outside of pleasantries.  So sitting by the wife while talk was swirling around me I spied him alone at the coffee station.  I hesitated briefly and then went up to him to share goodwill and comment about his famous name.

We had an amazing conversation that ranged from the future of education to the subversion of the church in a young adult book.  Our talk only lasted about ten minutes and reminded me of the necessity to take a risk and step forward.  Now this may not seem like that big of a leap (approaching someone you barely know) but it is symbolic of what I call life being lived.  I could have easily just stayed in my seat and within my own comfortable little realm (and I almost did) but something shifted and I had to heed its call.  What that something is…

Now I’m not going to try and convince you that my life has been dramatically changed.  Something though is different.  I don’t know if the greens of the leaves are a bit greener or my smile comes a bit easier–life has been enriched by embracing life and discovering what needs to be discovered.  For my moment it was an enlightening conversation with a like soul.  In another moment it could be something remarkably different.  If I’m paying attention I will heed its call as well.  Will you?


3 Responses to “Life Being Lived”

  1. awareness Says:

    YES! We all need to take those risks………….daily! Encounters and opportunities to connect with others is what life is all about. Nothing else matters………

    Great lesson for all to remember and to revisit especially when one is feeling lonely…….OR when one sees another who may be feeling lonely, don’t you think?

    Have a good week ahead, Matthew………..and may I say I’m glad you visited my blog and left a message!


  2. jane Says:

    I so agree with you. I have grown so much in the past two years since being on my own. Where I used to be shy and reserved, I now love going out and meeting new people. When I feel the call to connect with people or nature, I go out and do it. Each day is a gift and an opportunity to grow and be of service.

  3. Matthew Says:

    Well spoken both of you. Sometimes its just those little chances taken that yield the greatest of rewards. One never knows what a moment can uncover. Thanks for sharing.

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