Turkey Vulture Dreams

April 28, 2007

I wonder what the turkey vulture sees from so high–the perspective gleaned from looking down upon us all.  With nary a flap of their wings they can stay aloft for hours, lifted by  thermals that fill them with confidence and support slow descents or gracious climbs. 

I wonder if those static soarers are more highly evolved than humans.  They have traded in chevrolets and heartaches for summer drafts and nourishing carcasses.  Their love may be different than ours–although I’ve never seen them with their mates or chicks.  Methinks they take turns parenting so that their partner can get back to gliding and searching with clear vision for the animal perished by the road side.

I wonder if the turkey vulture would trade with me for one cloudless spring afternoon.  I would be aloft as the sun beat down, no thoughts in my mind–just knowing that I am the wind and the invisible that supports hollowed out wing-bones and feathers.  I am the man who drives to work and dreams of flying away. My wings are not yet formed–perhaps my mind brings them into being.  Until then I will wonder aloud to the turkey vultures circling in my dreams and beckoning me forth.


5 Responses to “Turkey Vulture Dreams”

  1. sonyca Says:

    Hi there fellow Sunday Scribbler. That is a wonderful piece, now I wonder what it would be like to be a turkey vulture.

  2. awareness Says:

    maybe our wings are packed in our minds…….may our dreams allow us to unpack our wings.

    I too would LOVE a day to be aloft (love that word)…to be the wind.

    great post.

  3. JHS Says:

    You are the man who drives to work and dreams of flying away. That’s a great visual image. I can just see you behind the wheel, dreamy-eyed.

    Great prose.

  4. Pacian Says:

    The gliding on thermals, I could really dig. The feasting on recent corpses… less my kind of thing.

    I do wonder how they might feel, though, looking down on creatures and waiting for them to meet their end. Superiority, perhaps, or sympathy? Pragmatism or wisdom?

  5. Satur Turk Says:

    How about Ingham Tutkey

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