Back in time but still the present

April 30, 2007

I don’t know about you but it’s always strange for me to go back to places I used to work.  Recently I happened into a health food store I once worked in and experienced that feeling of time moving on and leaving me behind.  So much was the same and at the same time different in unexpected ways.  I got many life updates as I scrambled to remember just where in this person’s story I had left off.  Eventually we’d get to a point where we were “caught up” and then I’d drift away looking around for the next familiar face.

We are always dying to each other.  And then being born again.

Carol, my old boss, shared a conversation that just couldn’t happen while I was still employed there.  We enjoyed the space of friendship that was not over-shadowed by the need for me to get back to work or maintain our workplace images.  Some of the veils could be lifted and we shared meaningful stories of the recent past.

I ate lunch in the cafe by myself recovering a bit from so much exposure and the fireworks present in even the most passing of conversations.  I discovered that my presence to my old co-workers reminded them of their previous selves that interacted with me in a time gone past.  Our meeting offered glimpses into time and reflections on what really happens when someone leaves and comes back.

I’m glad I walked back through those doors to pick back up conversations that had trailed off some time before.  I had been meaning to make my way there for too many months to let this opportunity to reconnect pass me by yet again.

I too have my memories of working there and was glad to relish in them for a short while.  I’m both the same and vastly different from when I was last working there.  How can that be?  The familiar faces too have changed but look so much the same to me.

I’m glad they were there to get me to here.  Thanks for those times in the past and a day for remembering who we were and who we’ve become.


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