Writing into focus and a word of thanks

May 1, 2007

I’ve periodically kept a journal since I was a teenager so the switch to blogs was not too difficult of a jump.  As much as I enjoy the time and words written on the page there is nothing like an audience (however small) to really bring my writing into focus.  Of course these are not polished pieces I offer up here on this webpage but neither are they the sometimes far-out ramblings found in my journal (which has an audience of one).  They are a hybrid finding their form as they morph into clear visions from the murky meanderings of the mind. 

I love the force exerted by the wanting to deliver a better product here in the form of words that move with a purpose.  I cannot be as lazy as I am when I write just for myself but I can use those hand-written journal pages as the proving grounds for what appears here.  Knowing those long hidden away gems can find exposure with a renewed focus warms my heart to no end.  Also I can get back to what I enjoy doing–writing to express and share.

So thanks to you dear readers who are an indelible link in this communication process.  Without you my words would mush around without purpose in the dark pages of a forgotten notebook.  Now they have found the light of your bright eyes and flicker anew in pixilated glory.

Even though I have just posted twice to Sunday Scribblings I truly appreciate the kind and generous community that contributes to the inspiring leads.  I am excited to read the words on your individual sites and welcome the dialog that springs forth from these inner reflections.  Daily I  sit in amazement and marvel and the variety of experience and flutterings of imagination.

And although my exposure has been brief I can feel the warmth of the Sunday Scribblings contributors.  Thank you.


2 Responses to “Writing into focus and a word of thanks”

  1. Betty C. Says:

    I am so happy I stumbled upon Sunday Scribblings –about three or four prompts ago, I guess. I already do some professional writing but of the “business” or “educational” variety. It is great to challenge myself every week and read so many different types of posts (not that I read them all!) It has also helped me find new types of blogs — my blogging community was more expats and foodies. Not that there seems to be a set “type” of contributor to SS — that’s what’s so fascinating about it.

  2. Matthew Says:

    I agree Betty–I find this group to be pretty eclectic and warm. I think creative outlets such as these are both important and fun!

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