Second chance or first opportunity?

May 11, 2007

Does second chance exist?  If we are given the opportunity to repeat something is it the second time or the first all over again?  Let me clarify.

You are on a baseball team.  In the first inning you come to bat and strike out.  In the fourth  you come up again and we say, “a second chance to bat.”  And in the context of the game this may be true but really it is a new opportunity, a new first time.

So with a relationship.  She says, “I’m going to give him a second chance.” In the context of the relationship this may appear to be so but taken as a whole this is a new first chance at friendship or love.  Or it may be a continuation of the first meeting, that first contact that allowed strings to form  and a way back to each other.

Perhaps I’m just being picky about word choice.  In my life second, third and fourth chances have appeared beckoning me to action.  If I don’t label them or chronologize them then it is always opportunity presenting itself.  Always new even if appearing in the same guise.

Is creativity giving me a second chance in the form of these words?  Am I just imagining this procession of opportunities when the doors are ever-present, waiting to be opened?

More second chances here.


11 Responses to “Second chance or first opportunity?”

  1. This is a really interesting way of looking at it! Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  2. awareness Says:

    Great take on the prompt!

    personally, I’ve been ruminating over the whole concept of “second chance” all day long and havent formulated my post yet…….will do though! What fun

  3. Nicole Says:

    your thoughts about this are very interesting. are chances opportunities… can’t you really have as many as you would like?

    btw – i read your profile. i just received my MLIS in December & work in a school library media center. 🙂 gotta love libraries!

  4. jane Says:

    I liked this post so much! Sometimes second chances are good (example: you have to take an important exam and fall ill that day. The professor gives you a second chance to take it). Some second chances are not healthy (example: walking back in to a relationship a second time around where nothing really changes from the first experience). Today, I’m going to look at second chances as opportunites. When you really think about it, God gives us new chances every day just by simply gifting us a new day to try new things and do things better than the day before.

  5. Tori Says:

    These are some really great thoughts.
    You gave me stuff to ponder. I read it through a couple of times.
    Great Scribble!

  6. Patois Says:

    I very much prefer looking at the concept as you have done. Very nice. I need to take a second or third chance to read it!

  7. Elspeth Says:

    I agree that ‘second chances’ are like first chances, but with a sort of advantage. Having done something ‘wrong’ in the first place, you’re at the advantage of knowing what not to do again and hopefully use the experience/lesson to be better at/with/in whatever it is.

  8. Deb G Says:

    Nope, you’re not being picky about word choice. You’re right on target as far as I’m concerned.

  9. Rob Kistner Says:

    Baba Ram Dass says, “be here now” — so who’s really counting?

  10. Betty C. Says:

    I had something of the same feeling about the subject, but couldn’t put it into words. Interesting approach.

  11. Matthew Says:

    ~Thanks Crafty, I enjoyed your post as well.
    ~Hi Awareness, I’m glad you let the ruminations guide you and your insightful words.
    ~Hi Nicole, Yes I think there are a limitless amount of opportunities to be had; it’s just up to us to grab the cape and hold on. I’m a bit jealous that you have finished your degree and I begin yet another semester tonight. And yes libraries rock!
    ~“Gifting us a new day” is right on Jane. May we all tune in to the second chances we are provided with and make the appropriate choices for our life situation.
    ~Hi Tori and Patois, I’m glad you enjoyed my take on the prompt—let the mind wander and it finds the way.
    ~Yes Elspeth that second time around can be beneficial in shedding more light on a situation or event.
    ~Deb G and Betty C. I appreciate the encouragement and look forward to reading your posts.
    ~Rob, thanks for bringing in the words of a wise sage.
    ~To everyone, thank you for expanding the conversation and giving me a second chance to reflect.

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