A moment of chance or serendipity revealing herself

May 16, 2007

A strange thing happened on Mother’s Day.  Rather a string of events occurred that upon reflection may or may not have significance.  Let me set the stage:

Georgiana and I out to brunch with her mom, sister and our good friend.  The No Frill Grille is a popular spot and especially so on the day for going out to eat.  We are there early before the doors open and nudge our way into the restaurant for a table on the outside covered patio.  Its been awhile since I’ve eaten there and am looking forward to the variety of veggie selections available to tempt my palate.  We order (Super Veggie pita for me, Veggie Quesadilla for G), eat the grub and chat about whatever.  As the plates are taken away and the talk continues I feel a bit restless.  After a few more minutes I get up to go telling everyone that I’ll just be outside, take their time, etc.

Now here’s where the strangeness comes in.

Ten minutes later G and the gang pop out of the restaurant (I walked down a couple of blocks and returned as they were exiting).  They have a story to tell.  A few minutes after I left the table a waiter tripped and fell spilling a complete Bloody Mary in the seat I was previously occupying.  Had I still been there I would have been covered in a salty red bath.

But I wasn’t.

And I wonder if the urge that brought me to my feet to leave the restaurant prevented my dowsing.  Trying to dissect those moments now is difficult.  At the time my life experience was flowing along in its usual direction and I was sharing food with people like I have on so many other occasions.  Before I stood I was already wanting to leave the restaurant.  But if I would have stayed with the rest of the group then my day would have involved a public bath.

So was that my intuition speaking?  I didn’t hear a voice in my head but I definitely had to get up and leave the restaurant at that moment.  I acted and at the time it seemed of my own volition but now I wonder if I wasn’t guided out of Bloody Mary’s way.  Which leads me to muse upon all of the urgings that encourage me to act in a moment and the possible other consequences if I had not heeded the call, the ones I ignored that led me down a darker alleyway.

Is my life already scripted but without the script it seems that I have free choice?  Am I in control?  Was I not fated to receive the spill but only to reflect upon it in this blog?

Some say serendipity other’s say chance or a guardian angel.  I believe there is a mystery that binds the flow of reality and works in ways outside of our understanding.  Perhaps in this instance I was given a glimpse backstage of the everyday play of life.


2 Responses to “A moment of chance or serendipity revealing herself”

  1. awareness Says:

    Great story! I love those serendiptous moments…..being some where you weren’t expecting to be, and meeting someone there who ends up making an impact on your life….choosing a different route to work thereby avoiding an accident etc……..

    Serendipity, I believe are lilttle moments, which make us stop in our tracks and think………..hmmmmmmm……am I connected to something bigger? Both fascinating and scary at the same time.

    Yes, serendiptous moments are a wink from the cosmos. 🙂

  2. Matthew Says:

    Yes Awareness I agree. The nudge that says, “Hey there is a little more here than what you might be seeing.” Good stuff!

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