May 25, 2007


How does one move towards simplicity?  In our ever complicated lives how do we distinguish that which is essential, stripped-down and pure?

I have let go of the television and foods from the flesh of animals.  I try to find quiet places and take walks on shaded sidewalks.  I wash the dishes by hand and let them dry on the rack.  I’ve got veggies planted on the sides of the house with hopes for luscious tomatoes and peppers.  Are these behaviors symptoms of simplicity?

I am unsure.  These things feel right to me and are always apt to change.  They give my life a deeper sense of meaning, a resonation that lifts me out of the robotive workings of a mind chained to its veils.  When I set out to be simple that striving moves me away from that which is simple.

Which leads me to beingness.  Simplicity itself.  Contrivances put away for another day, ease of motion found in fluidity.  Magic when it just clicks and you are no longer there, the observer and the observed as one.  A reuniting only separated by that glance away from what is always here. 

Those times when we want to move away from all of the clutter and confusion are the heart calls yearning for home.  A return to the familiar, a reduction to those life elements that are dear and close.  We call a good friend, write a poem, wake before the morning light to witness dawn’s grace.  Thankfully these are moments that are always accessible as long as the lungs take in air and this magical consciousness witnesses life’s play upon the earth.


9 Responses to “Simple”

  1. awareness Says:

    I like how you describe “flow”…….beingness, when you’re simply in the moment. Your descriptive examples do imply simplicity for me as well, though I still like a “steak on the barbie” every now and then 🙂

    Behaviours, the ones you mention do lead to simplicity……as much as we want “simple” to find us, I think we have to make a concerted effort to seek it out and to make it happen.

    I love your photo Matthew. What type of flowers are they? They look so delicate.

    Don’t know if I will have time to write something on this prompt until Sunday, but will try……

  2. sognatrice Says:

    To paraphrase Forrest Gump, simple is as simple does. I think we’re all our own judges of simplicity; doing what feels right is probably the most simple of all, and yet sometimes the hardest to do.

  3. Interesting post. It does seem sometimes that society these days is so complicated that a simple life just isn’t simple any more! It is wonderful when you find that place of simple beingness.

  4. Matthew Says:

    Hi Awareness, I believe they are rhodedendron. I’m so glad the flowers are out! I think I’ve cultivated many of my behaviors to the point where they are routine. But I always look for alternatives when something I do doesn’t flow so well. Here’s to experimentation!

    Yes sognatrice, I agree that simple acts are many times right but strangely difficult at times. What would life be without wonderful paradoxes?

    Hi Crafty, funny that the movement towards simplicity almost has to be calculated in our society! I guess one can always move off the grid…if those places still exist.

  5. Colloquium Says:

    Sunday Scribblings #61: Simple

    As the years roll by, what will sociologists make of us?

    I find myself pondering that question sometimes when I think back to “the way life used to be” even in my lifetime. I find myself pondering that question today having spent some time reading…

  6. JHS Says:

    “Those times when we want to move away from all of the clutter and confusion are the heart calls yearning for home.” That’s what matters most! Beautiful.

  7. gautami Says:

    You are moving in the right direction. Simple living does not being frugal as many percieve it to be. It is too keep our thouhts lucid. Being rational. Not going overboard.

  8. Betty C. Says:

    This is a beautiful post, it makes me think how much we get worked up about things that aren’t so important…

    I would really like to declutter, I think it would help me feel more peaceful. Unfortunately, it’s hard when living in a family of four!

  9. boliyou Says:

    It sounds simple to me, and if it works for you, it’s right. Until it’s time for a change, anyway. Enjoy!

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