Letting the garden grow

June 15, 2007

When I have a moment home in these summer times the outside beckons and I can’t help but walk around the house and look at the plants growing in the garden.  My wife and I spent hours this spring clearing out overgrown flowerbeds, planting seeds and mulching.  And though the weeding never really stops there is much to enjoy during a morning frolick around the house.  On the sides we have a few rows of veggies planted: a few varieties of tomatoes, cucumber, squash, eggplant and bell pepper.

roma tomatoes on vine


virginia cucumber


In the back yard we’ve concentrated more on flowers because two giant trees blanket the area with shade.  I’ve still got a few edible hopes in the back in the form of a fig tree and a few small blueberry bushes.  I will feel blessed with a lone berry or fig.  So the flowers:

calla lilly

Calla lilly





day lilly
Day lilly

There are a few more colorful friends around–perhaps I’ll save them for another time.  I feel such delight checking on my friends growing around the house, making sure they have enough water and are not too crowded by the grasses and plants that want to share their space.  I can’t wait for the fresh sweetness of the first grape tomato or crisp loveliness of the cucumber.  It’s good to renew that connection with the earth and sun, the elements on which we rely but readily forget in our pre-packaged world.  A day to give thanks for that which sustains and nourishes.


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