The Quickening

June 19, 2007

Time speeds up and all you can do is hang on for the ride.  When one thing is completed there are five more to take its place, the many-headed hydra forever regenerating.  Fragments of things left unfinished creep into my daydreams, a pile of papers on the desk that needs sorting, a bill to be scheduled.  And I react in a scatter-brained fashion not looking too far ahead making sure that no deadlines have passed me by.  All of this done without a planner (who has the time to write in one!) a hodgepodge of notes and markings on the back of hands all pointing in the direction of action that must be taken.

Those moments coming up out of unconsciousness, realizing that the day is here and movement is required, I suspend my motion willfully trying to hold back the wave of all that needs to be addressed.  The release is sweet and I move towards the kitchen or bathroom, feeding or washing, catching up a body that primes for the departure onto the grand stage.  Clothes fitted, smoothie blended and imbibed, salad arranged artfully (boston leaf, vine-ripened and English no-wax), dressing mixed (Bragg’s, balsamic and olive oil), Larabar for snacks, waterbottle filled, check to see that the knob doesn’t turn and out the door!


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