The time has come to tell

June 22, 2007

There are some life events that come upon you with ramifications so great that the mind cannot completely wrap around it.  You know that your life will never be the same yet the moment to moment experience seems little changed.  I am now gratefully in the middle of one of those processes.  A few weeks back we, my wife and I, went to the drugstore, bought an EPT tester and confirmed what my wife already suspected.  A new life has taken up residence!  We are both very excited and feel blessed to be in this situation.  It is hard to find the words appropriate for the new sheen that rests on all that I behold.  G and I have been married a little over a year (together over five) and we were open to this wonderful possibility.

Now that the secret is out where do I go from here?  How does one prepare for the priviledge of fatherhood?  Is it possible? (I can just hear the parents out there saying, “Just you wait and see”:-) ) I do have a bit of practice with children being the oldest of five and my mother running in-home daycare for the bulk of my child/teen years.  These hands have (unfortunately) changed many a stinky diaper and read bedtime stories to frequent nephews and nieces.  This will not be completely foreign territory.

Yet I know that as much as I love the children of my and G’s siblings there will be something different in that connection with a child that comes from us.  Spending so much time with this ever-changing entity will be an experience I’m sure to treasure throughout my years.  (And I’m sure there will be some moments that I would rather forget)

Just like that life completely changes!

More secrets to be discovered here…


12 Responses to “The time has come to tell”

  1. Rob Kistner Says:

    Congratulations! Nobody can tell you what fatherhood is like. We fathers (3 children, 2 surviving) can only recount our experiences — and they are all very different.

    What I believe is common to all is the fact that you and your wife are in this together, so look first to each other — an then to those closest to you who love you.

    You likely won’t have to do this totally on your own.

    Enjoy parenting and fatherhood — my kids (all now grown) are my greatest treasure, in so may ways.

  2. awareness Says:

    What a glorious secret you have shared!!! My warmest congratulations Matthew….How wonderfully exciting.

    Babies are miracles. They teach you what is means to have your heart melt…..and you’ll never be the same OR want to be the same.

  3. Becca Says:

    Many congratulations and thanks for sharing this most excellent of secrets!

    You are in for the time of your lives 🙂

  4. Annie Says:

    Oh, this is the best secret by far. Congratulations!

  5. gautami Says:

    That is a open secret. Thanks for sharing it with us. Congratulations!

  6. Paris Parfait Says:

    Congratulations! What wonderful news – the best is yet to come. I expect you’ll find it all comes naturally, being parents. It will be easier than you think to welcome a little one into your world.

  7. Megnificent! Says:

    A secret as old as time.What wonderful news! May you enjoy every single moment of it and document it in words and in pictures. We have three teenagers, and time goes by so quickly. The miracle of life is one of the best “secrets” to a wise life. May God bless you and yours:)
    I am sincerely happy for you!

  8. Congratulations to the both of you! That is the best secret you could have, and the best news to hear. Thanks for sharing it here, reminding of the magical day when I found out I was pregnant.

  9. Patois Says:

    That’s a secret that you sound thrilled to share with the world. Congratulations to you both.

  10. Lisa Says:

    Congratulations! That is one of the most wondeful secrets there is.

  11. Matthew Says:

    Thank you all so much for your kind words. I will tuck them away with me as I ready for the coming of this new life. Blessings to you all!


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