July 7, 2007

A few weeks back G and I were invited to an afternoon party of food and volleyball.  Hot and humid, the sun beat down upon us as we shared the different dishes we brought and gulped our water and sodas.  The last guests to show up became the heroes of the party as they presented to the hosts a box depicting water and kids with the large words SLIP N’ SLIDE.

Now I don’t know if anyone else out there has ever partaken in this wet and wild backyard event but it is an experience worth exploring.  Picture plastic laid out over grass and an attached tube running up the side with pinprick holes that allow water to sprout like tiny fountains.  Bodies being launched haphazardly as water splashs up and soaks onlookers.  Facial contortions mingling between pleasure and shock as slipperiness introduces free movement with accompanying awkward limb arrangements.

Please before you decide to make a run towards the plastic remember to let the surface gather enough moisture to prevent friction from stopping you immediately.  This particular set had two “runways” that permitted dual launching of bodies into soggy gliding bliss.

Pick a partner say one, two, THREE and you are off!

A piece of advice: Do a trial run without much speed to test the amount of distance covered:  when the plastic ends there is grass (or worse) that will now be your high-speed means of transport.  Green stains on the chest or back are funny for only a moment.

Second piece of advice: When going tandem with a partner remember to keep arms and legs straight in front and behind lest you find a toe in your eye or your hand on a bottom.

Lastly: This is the summertime-have some fun!

Anyone else have experiences with this oft-forgotten warm weather companion?  (If you don’t recognize the slip n’ slide brand name perhaps you recall plastic rolled out and a garden hose?)

For more slipperiness…


8 Responses to “Slippin’”

  1. gautami Says:

    What a way to spend a hot summer day!

  2. Rob Kistner Says:

    Enjoyed your post, but I must tell you — slip ‘n slides are great concepts, in the box, but underfoot… evil incarnate!!

    Tried one a number of years ago, and true to the advertisement, I slid and slipped — hit my tail bone… couldn’t walk or sit for over a week, and was miserable for the better part of a month!

    Cruel I tell ya’… that’s what they are — cruel!

  3. Patois Says:

    I loved slip and slides as a kid. My kids are keen to try it, but we’ve not flat spaces for them and, as I keep pointing out to them to no avail, we have a pool for God’s sake! Sounds like you had a blast.

  4. Tori Says:

    My sister hurt herself pretty bad on a slip and slie when we were kids. Glad to hear you had a good time!

  5. awareness Says:

    I have a pic of myself many years ago sliding at lightening speed while holding my head !! I whacked it pretty bad. However, it didn’t stop my enjoyment of slip and slides……we had one operating in my backyard last year……it’s a surefire kid collector in the neighbourhood….that and FREEZIES!!

  6. katie Says:

    My husband always talks about the tarp, hose, and dove soap his mother used as a slip ‘s slide as a child. I never played with one as a child but he speaks fondly of it. We call it the Hick Slide.

  7. We had one out only last weekend… very basic builders plastic here and the garden hose!
    fantastic fun with adults enjoying it and teenagers and toddlers too – never tried two together though!
    Here via Dana’s links 🙂

  8. Matthew Says:

    Hi Gautami- yes good fun!

    Yes Rob they can force the body into unnatural positions in the blink of a moment!

    Ooh Patois I would love to have a pool, your kids are lucky.

    Tori-they can be quite dangerous, it gives one a better appreciation for friction.

    Awareness-the mention of Freezies (we called them Freeziepops) brings back those distant summers of hot weather and days to while away

    Hick slide-that’s a good one Katie, still fun I’m sure

    Rainbow dreams-sounds like you had fun, water and plastic go a long way in beating the heat!

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