A wicked way with words

July 21, 2007

Totally wicked!

When I first heard that phrase I stopped short.  The friend who said it was referring to a skateboarder who just pulled off a difficult maneuver.  This flipping of the board and landing on it did in no way seem of ill intent or even the outcome of a deal with the devil.  I immedietly realized that I was being blessed with an expansion of the English language.  More specifically the word ‘wicked’ now had a new connotation apt to replace the likes of ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’.  Wicked had entered a new land, had been given a chance to reinvent himself.  (Today Wicked is a he) And here is what Wicked did:

Striking out in the early morning Wicked crept out of his hovel and, taking few belongings, left his home.  Now Wicked was not used to freedom, having for so long been relegated to the tired paths of evil and wrongdoing.  His life fell to the mercy of human expression and words spoken and written always kept him in the same place.  Wicked was a bad boy.  But on this one very special day his black tendencies were introduced a new wrinkle. 

Aiden McGee, watching his friend do a two rotation kick flip on his skateboard, exclaimed, “Man that was totally wicked!”.  Aiden had no idea the event he had set in motion.  Other teens were nearby and their non-conformist follower antennae sprung to attention at this most unusual proclamation.  For some this transference of information was unconscious.  For others the combination of totally and wicked in reference to something cool sent shivers up their pimply backs.

Wicked’s world changed forever.  No longer stuck to hanging out with the malicious and the malevolent, Wicked was welcomed by awesome, sweet and fresh faces.  Instead of plotting to take over the world Wicked met up with his buddies to surf the crystal liquid of the California coast.  Rather than releasing flying monkeys on an unsuspecting band of travelers Wicked took his mountain bike off-road to catch air on some narly curves.  Yes Wicked had changed his ways.

Still he had to attend to some of his old duties.  As the new Wicked swept through the younger humans, older voices and pens were still defining him in the same well-trodden way.  Wicked would have to follow that path when asked to upkeep his evil beginnings.  But it was different now.  He didn’t have to always play that same role and could act out different versions of himself.  Thanks to luck or fate he could now brainwash millions and still pull off the sweetest kick-flip this side of Dover Avenue.

More ways to be wicked…


11 Responses to “A wicked way with words”

  1. Paris Parfait Says:

    A clever twist on the dual usage of the word “wicked.”

  2. Karen Says:

    I loved this. I grew up in the wicked generation. I was always wicked tired or wicked hungry (substituting in wicked for “very”) or played in a wicked softball game the night before. If it weren’t for the wicked witch of the west I probably wouldn’t have known that wicked had an evil connotation!

  3. Redness Says:

    Awesome man, totally refreshing that someone else is up with the lingo … wicked!!

  4. gautami Says:

    I feel so wickedly happy reading this..:D

  5. Paul Says:

    Very cleverly written. A good read.

  6. awareness Says:

    Is “wicked” brother of “narly?”

    I enjoyed your post Matthew. it would make a funny children’s book.

  7. Matthew Says:


    Karen-yes me too, I almost never hear the word and think evil, I’m always thinking cool!

    Redness-Thanks for stopping by, glad you felt the wicked words 🙂

    Gautami-Great, thanks!

    DJ Pare-Awesome!

    Paul-Thanks, it was fun to write.

    Awareness-Yes I believe Wicked and Narly are at the least cousins:-) Thanks!

  8. bharthiae Says:

    You are wickedly interesting – Thanks
    Keep it up wickedly!

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  10. bharthiae Says:

    visit my blog and leave a comment

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