Some random bits

July 30, 2007

Seems as though I have been tagged by Karen to supply eight random things about myself.  This is my first time being tagged so please bear with me:

  1. I love to play volleyball, especially on the beach.  I have spent more than ten hours in a day playing in a tournament and would welcome the opportunity to play the next day!
  2. I started a book club a little more than a year ago after hearing Azar Nafisi speak about her book Reading Lolita in Tehran.  Very inspiring! If you’d like to see what we are reading next, check it out here.  Read any of these books?
  3. I’ve spent long periods of time in silence at a couple of different meditation centers.  If you would like a challenge, try 9+ days of no talking, eye contact, reading or writing, waking up at 4AM and spending 8+ hours in meditation.  Coming out I always feel refreshed and the mind has a certain quality of stillness.
  4. My wife and I met on a blind date about five years ago.  We were joined by a father and son, G worked with the father and I worked with the son.  What luck!
  5. As part of a longer trip I once hiked 33 consecutive miles with three other foolhardy hikers.  We were on the Appalachian Trail in a section fondly named the “Tennessee Turnpike” thanks to the forgiving terrain and gradual elevation changes.  Our plan: to time it perfectly for a hearty breakfast in Damascus Virginia at 6AM after an all night hike.  Our reality: due to excitement we arrived at 3:30AM to a deserted town, very hungry, tired and in need of showers.  We had to wait.  For the record I hiked with (trail names) Zippy, Ishmael, Dharma Bum a.k.a. Bunny Luv and I was Moonlight.
  6. I have a penchant for a nice cool Mango Lassi and am not afraid to travel great distances to sup of that nectar.
  7. I love audiobooks for my car ride to and from work and I am on the last of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Go Frodo!
  8. I once pranced around a beach in Northern California under a full moon that transformed driftwood into ancient whale bones.  The passing clouds would throw us into momentary darkness only to re-emerge in shimmering light.

There are rules to being tagged but I will forego the passing of the virtual baton.  If you feel so inspired to take part and post eight random things about yourself leave the link in the comments and I will check it out.  Thank you Karen, this exercise was fun and illuminating!


2 Responses to “Some random bits”

  1. Karen Says:

    Thank YOU for participating! It was great to read!!

  2. Matthew Says:

    Thanks Karen, I had fun! 🙂

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