September 29, 2007

The power to be.

The power to know.

The power to know how to be.

Is it really your power or is there a greater mystery?

In my mind power automatically brought up the notion of control. Control over one’s life, one’s direction or movement in the swaying stream of existence. Sometimes the steering wheel seems to have slipped from the hands and you careen into the unknown but that doesn’t mean that your personal power has diminished. In fact these times can bring forth hidden resources that reveal the actual limitless power of the lone individual. So maybe power does not depend upon control. What do you think?

In my college years I felt a certain amount of invincibility and went to great measures to test the physical and mental edges of my being. I only caught glimpses of my personal power in moments of introspection when I stepped back from the insanity of the alcohol-saturated collegian life. I did not directly pursue these inward times and they came to me unbidden as the facade of partytime started to fray at the edges. I started to see through the veils I had placed before my eyes in order to continue with actions that no longer made sense. A coping mechanism no doubt. How could I confront the fear that lay behind the self-image I projected and cultivated?

These days I feel a lot less invincible but more in touch with the power that resides within this being. I’ve become much more comfortable with the temporality of this existence.  I feel closer to death and strangely enough more embracing of life.  I sense the power of the natural world and the powerful effect we have on each other’s lives.  I may have lost something when I turned my attention towards my own personal power.  I know there are many old friends that fell away during those transformative years when I by necessity separated myself from their company.  But I would not trade the power that has been revealed to me for a flight back to the good-time world of the party people.

Powerful expressions found here. 


9 Responses to “Power”

  1. Jo Says:

    I feel closer to death and strangely enough more embracing of life.

    Me too…getting old certainly has its perks.

  2. paisley Says:

    the power you possessed then,, and the power you now posess is one in the same… it is only your interpretation of what you can do with that power that has changed…

    very thought provoking post….

  3. Karen Says:

    Great reflection on your past. Didn’t we all have those years of feeling imortal? My friends argue that I didn’t – I always played in safe, but then, I am have been in more trouble then them – just being int wrong place at the wrong time.

    The crazy years taught us lots.

  4. Kris Says:

    Hmmm… You made me think. Good post. Thanks.

  5. There certainly is something to be said in knowing yourself, that’s power.

  6. gautami Says:

    “I sense the power of the natural world and the powerful effect we have on each other’s lives.”

    That resonated with me. We can truly make dofferencesto others if we are determined.

    Thanks for this post!

  7. Very good post, thought provoking. The closer we feel to death, the more we are going to appreciate life, because we realise how valuable it is.

  8. Tumblewords Says:

    Reflective and nicely written post. Death is the great equalizer, for sure…

  9. awareness Says:

    It’s much scarier to look within than to carry on unaware of the power we can tap into. I really enjoyed reading this post Matthew…….I have learned this lesson as well. Control isn’t necessarily in cahoots with power is it?

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