Phoctober and Sandsculpting

October 11, 2007

I’m taking up the Moon Topples challenge and posting a few pictures to celebrate October and photography. This set of photos is from the Neptune Festival, a yearly occurrence here in Virginia Beach that includes beach volleyball, a surfing contest, parade and sand sculptures. The sand artisans attract the greatest attention of the weekend with the crowds increasing as the sculptures near completion. Not often do you get the chance to see a sculptor at work and the transformation of sand and water into these creations is nothing short of magical.




One thing I found especially appealing was the subversive theme of some of the works. I enjoy listening to mom and dad explain to a perplexed child why there is a strange head on a hand or monkeys with signs about evil. The parents who thought they would just be seeing nice sandcastles suddenly have to turn on their own creative juices and make up a story that explains away social commentary. Art meeting suburban culture always makes me smile.



One of these photos is of the winning sculpture, can you guess which one?


2 Responses to “Phoctober and Sandsculpting”

  1. These are stunning sand sculptures and terrific pictures of them. I had to laugh at the last one, I have a small gargoyle on the wall of my sunroom who also has a finger stuck up his nose – I love how he cocks a snook at convention! 😉

  2. Matthew Says:

    Thanks Absolute Vanilla, the sand sculptures are always a favorite. Sounds like my kind of gargoyle.

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