Opus 40

October 16, 2007

There is this place in mid-state New York outside of Saugerties where a man has spent a lot of time with rocks.  Harvey Fite spent thirty-seven years creating a landscape in his backyard taking bluestone from a nearby quarry and living his dream.  Since his death anyone can come and see what he did with his own hands and marvel at the stone playland.  Opus 40.







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4 Responses to “Opus 40”

  1. Taffiny Says:

    That is so wonderful. The fluid lines. It is artistic sculpture and a walkway.
    I love it, when someone just has an idea, that may not make sense to anyone else, like if he shared this idea, this vision early on with others, they might not have understood, may have told him he couldn’t do it, but he had his vision, so he went ahead and did it anyone and it turned out beautiful.

  2. That’s amazing, what one might call sculptured hard-lanscaping. I love the close up shots of the stone particularly, Matthew, beautifully done.

  3. Matthew Says:

    Yes Taffiny, it is great to witness someone’s vision and the belief he had in himself to carry it through. He worked on it until his death–a testament to his passion.

    Absolute Vanilla-Thanks, I could not get over all of the hand-placed stones–no mortar to be found anywhere.

  4. dana Says:

    Such passion you’re right. To think that he most likely had the pattern and vision in his mind throughout…….he must of been one patient guy.

    Great photos Matthew.

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