Phone Interview with Italy

October 26, 2007


A photo from a recent romp in the mountains and to continue the Phoctober celebration

When we got back from the trip last Sunday (and lasted a marathon five hour birthing class) I finally got around to email and discovered one from someone at FSU who would like to arrange a phone interview for me and a woman in Italy. A few months back I applied for an internship to be a library supervisor in Florida State’s study center in Florence Italy. It’s a one year stint that includes a stipend, place to stay and of course the time to live and breath in Florence. And even though a little one is on the way and there is a mortgage to consider, I decided (along with G) to submit all of the necessary paperwork and let fate do the rest.

Today is the day for the interview. Last night I have trouble falling asleep for two reasons: One–if Florence works out my life changes drastically–Us 2 (and a growing belly) move away and seek our fortune on a distant shore. Two–I keep replaying over and over in my head the winning touchdown that sunk the hearts of the Hokie nation. (I am a Virginia Tech alum) When sleep finally rescues me from my mind it is well past 1a.m.

9:30a.m. I am supposed to receive a phone call from Florence. Waking at 7:30 I help G get ready for work, eat a little food and begin to wait. I sit with eyes closed and legs crossed. I try out downward-dog and child’s pose. I look over the questions I am going to ask and prepare in my head responses to possible inquiries. The phone rings and I move quickly to the receiver the moments collapsing and expanding. I walk past the mirror, glance at myself and smile.


And so we begin. She asks me to tell a bit about myself. I’m thinking–this is so broad, where do I begin–“my first memory is of an orange carpet and my mom humming softly”–no she can’t be interested in that–how about libraries. I tell her about my work in the public library, my promotions and successes. I don’t tell her about my wife or the burgeoning infant, my love of long walks or the turning leaves falling in the backyard. We stick to the Topic at Hand which I imagine is all we are meant to discuss. We lasted about half an hour with me asking many more questions than she. I guess that is all the time she needs to make up her mind. I wonder if I said the words that click with her picture of the ideal candidate. Without looking in her eyes, I can’t tell if “I” came across or not.

She will reveal her secret in December but I won’t be so stingy in sharing when I know the truth of her declaration.


9 Responses to “Phone Interview with Italy”

  1. Robert Taff Says:

    Exciting…really. Either way, you and G sound wonderfully happy and healthy. I’ll be away this weekend but will try to reach you next week. ; )

  2. Matthew Says:

    Hey Rob! Thanks, yes we are good and either way will of course be fine. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are best but I’m also off this Monday. Take care.

  3. Wow! What an amazing opportunity – I love Florence and can wax lyrical about Tuscany 🙂 I hope it comes off for you (and G and the bump), Matthew. You know what they say, if it’s meant to be, it will be.

    Love your tree photo, absolutely beautiful.

  4. Matthew Says:

    Yes AV, now the the interview is done I’ve let go of the outcome–for the most part 🙂 Thanks.

  5. Taffiny Says:

    Pretty photo, esp. the tree trunks in middle reflecting blue light.

    Exciting time, full of prospect, and waiting.

    Made me anxious reading the post, wondering how it would turn out, now we have to wait till December, good grief. Those are two very different future years you will be imagining untill you find out. But they are both good ones. May the path that opens before you, be the best one, for you, G, and little bumpy.

  6. Matthew Says:

    Thanks for your kind words Taffiny. I’m hoping that NanoWriMo will take me away from thoughts of Italy. And you’re right both options are great.

  7. dana Says:

    Hi Matthew… exciting and nerve wracking and what a wonderful opportunity. Florence is a world onto it’s own….I would move there in a minute if given the same chance that you may be offered! Will keep my fingers crossed. Look forward to hearing the result.

  8. Telephone interviews are so daunting aren’t they? Hope it all works out for you. Italy is such a wonderful country…

  9. […] December 21, 2007 by Matthew This is an approximation of the email I sent to Florence today. A follow-up to this earlier post. […]

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