Leaves of a Color

October 27, 2007

The mountains of Virginia are awash in color. I left my seaside home last weekend to partake of the beauty and these are a sampling of some of the leaves I passed along the way. Phoctober








7 Responses to “Leaves of a Color”

  1. barbara Says:

    A back and yellow polka-dotted leaf. Wonderful.

  2. Matthew, those are simply stunning! What a riot of autumnal colour. Beautiful.

  3. Matthew Says:

    Thank you Barbara and Absolute Vanilla, I must admit I had fun taking these pictures.

  4. dana Says:

    Love the oak leaves……..the first pic? They are oak arent they?

  5. Taffiny Says:

    Love the energy, movement flow of the first two. One like an fall flower of leaves. Great color contrast in the next two. And the leaf patterning of the last two, show such texture, I really want to touch them.

  6. Matthew Says:

    Maybe dana…I’ll need to go to the library and double-check 🙂

    Thank you for the kind words Taffiny, they do seem like a fall bouquet. The woods provide the palette and all I have to do is press the camera button.

  7. These are amazing, specially the last one. I love autumn leaves!

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