To begin NaNoWriMo

November 2, 2007

The first day of National Novel Writing Month is officially over here on the East Coast of the United States. I would link to the site but I do not want to tax their servers any more than necessary. I am 228 words into what will unbelievably balloon into 50,000 words. Seeing will prepare me for belief. The difficulty lies in a perceived lack of time and an inner critic that will not let the words flow strong. And I really need to catch onto the tail of a story that I really want to tell. Starting from a blank slate leads to blank stares at the computer screen.

We shall see…how about a photo to balance out the mood? Inspired by Absolute Vanilla’s play with light.


4 Responses to “To begin NaNoWriMo”

  1. Betty C. Says:

    I almost signed up for some similar event but related to blogging — the name is equally silly, the concept equally good, but it only lasts for a month . Then I decided to just set my own challenge.

  2. Gorgeous rainbows. When I was lying on the acupuncture table yesterday I gazed up at the ceiling – it was covered in rainbow light reflections just like this!

  3. Taffiny Says:

    Very pretty rainbows.
    I’ll take it as a sign, for I am always saying writing (stories) is more like trying to catch rainbows than butterflies. No matter the size of the net, rainbows go right through. But here you show you have captured rainbows.
    Thanks for coming by to see me. You are at any rate further along than I am. Hopefully by Monday, you will be busily chasing an idea down with keyboard keys, perhaps not knowing where you are going, but brave enough to be going, and enjoying the journey. (I hope you do find the time). (and I hope I do find the brave)

  4. Sarala Says:

    Good luck on NaNo. I’m doing it for the first time too. It is hard not to obsess about it. Well, work should distract me from my literary endeavors.
    Looking forward to hearing how you progress.

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