The Interlude

November 28, 2007

I’ve been so good.  Faithfully writing words, stringing along sentences on this here weblog and then…just like that no posts for almost two weeks.  What has been keeping me away from this platform?  I cannot identify anything remarkably different from ten days ago and now.  I’m still in school and G is pregnant albeit the skin on the belly is more taut.  Holidays can certainly bring one away from the normal routine and I did travel for the Thanksgiving feast.  Hmmm…

Perhaps I just needed a break.  A respite from the digging around for words, responding to kind comments and then the reciprocal comment on another’s blog.  Not that I mind the generous conventions of the thoughtful blogger, it’s just that my interests always shift and while I may be into reading many blog posts one week, I may read none the next.  I am consistently inconsistent.  Except when I’m not.

A couple discoveries I’ve made since my last post (Forgive my use of the list format) :

  • I started a Facebook account many months ago and promptly forgot about it. (I never did open up a MySpace) Recently many people I know (co-workers, friends, acquaintences) all have FB accounts and I have been sucked into the void of social networking.  I now talk to co-workers I barely know about their new tattoo or some other such tidbit that has been shared in the FB arena.  Strange intersections of friendship when the online and physical personas come crashing into one another.  The main perk I’ve found from FB is an application that allows you to play Scrabble with your friends.  Just what I needed to while away the hours.
  • I can get pretty emotional when it comes to college football.  Yes, sadly its true.  When the Virginia Tech football players emerge on the field my heart jumps and this surge of pride quickens my pulse.  I cannot fathom why I identify so strongly with something that has so little to do with my day-to-day existence.  Maybe a need to merge with something bigger than me.  I could only laugh a few weeks back when VT lost in the final seconds and I could not sleep for hours.  Truly pathetic.
  • Mowing the lawn is much more efficient than raking up the leaves.  Rather than spending half the day squeezing the tree debris into plastic bags, I mulch the leaves up with the mower and lessen the amount that needs to be bagged.  Time saved but I cannot listen to audiobooks as easily.  A tradeoff and the back is thankful.
  • The washing machine needs to be vented.  What, you say?  When the water rushes out of the machine and through the hose there needs to be some way for air to get in and allow the torrent to effectively move.  Good old displacement at work.  Our vent is clogged.  I go onto the roof with a metal snake and use all fifteen feet to try and clear the way.  All efforts to this point have been unsuccessful.  The machine drains too quickly for the choked airflow resulting in a backwash that drenches the garage floor.  But my homeownerly knowledge has increased and I’m trying hard to convince myself that this is a good thing.  Even better would be a washing machine that fulfills its promise without my intervention.

So ends the interlude between posts.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.


2 Responses to “The Interlude”

  1. awareness Says:

    welcome back matthew. 🙂

    respite is good.

    facebook is not my cup of tea, though now that I have a facebook site, I can’t seem to shut it down because every now and then someone from my distant past drops me a line……’s all very weird. I find it to be like being at a cocktail party…..the chat is too darn fluffy and superficial. I don’t like it.

    I think everyone should know and understand the depth of emotions one can feel for a sports team. I think it is a wonderful outlet, and it sure enhances life! I’m a Toronto Maple Leafs fan…….they havent won the Stanley Cup since ’67. Leafs fans are similar to Sox fans before they won the world series……it’s an emotional rollercoaster! I also LOVE baseball……was weaned on it…….and would do anything to catch a ballgame when I’m home in Ontario. So, I understand your love of college football. 🙂

    take care………

  2. Matthew Says:

    Thanks awareness good to be back.

    Facebook is a strange beast. I am now “friends” with acquaintences and the nature of our relationships takes on a bizarre undertone. Fluffy and superficial–you said it!

    I didn’t realize it has been so long for the Maple Leafs. Hopefully the two Red Sox victories will inspire them to a championship. I used to be very passionate about baseball and still catch the odd minor league game but I’ve lost the spark of interest that fueled my childhood fascination with the game.

    Big VT game tomorrow, wish us luck!

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