January 31, 2008

Grace made her grand entrance on Saturday January 19th, weighing in at 7lbs. 10oz.

To say that life has changed would of course be an understatement. My self-identity has been morphed to include this precious baby girl and I now have a new title to add to the resume, Dad. Fortunately I have been off from work since the birth to better assimilate Grace into our family. My other G is a wonderful Mom and so patient with a little being that may cry on occasion and always wants to feed. (Which of course means diapers to be changed).

Sleep is now a resource that must be snatched whenever the opportunity presents. Amazingly though a body that has gotten 8+ hours of sleep for years can soon adjust to an intermittent 5 or 6.

My priorities are now shuffled and the first couple of attempts to focus in on schoolwork were unsuccessful. I strongly feel the pull of the tribe and want to stay with the two Gs without interruption. Do I really have to go back to work or turn in that assignment?

Throughout the birth process and the days afterward I feel such gratitude for all of the wonderful people both near and far that have helped to welcome this newest member of the family. I feel renewed.

Thank you.


January 17, 2008

Lest this become one of the many discarded blogs that canvas the net I guess I should write a few words here. Rather than consider all of the reasons why words have not made their way here I will pretend that I’ve fallen into a wormhole, lost my memory and now recollected that once upon a distant time I maintained a weblog and intermittently corresponded with fellow web travelers.

The time keeps running from me…

To the few friends that may happen back by here, the babe has yet to make his or her appearance, though G is in her 39th week. We have both informally requested the child to consider this Friday evening as a possible arrival time so that we may save a day of vacation during the three day weekend. We have received no reply to date.

Expectant parents will make even the grumpy smile and we have certainly done our share to spread the excitement and cheer. So much possibility lies within that belly that it is hard not to imagine futures aplenty. The grace we have received from friends, family and co-workers has overwhelmed and reassured us that we are lucky indeed.

School continues and though leaky faucets still drip I’ve instituted a white board and pocket notebook to try and keep up with it all. I’m keenly interested to see about the amount of home repair tackled with the babe in arms.

Must run to a class meeting–hope all is well.