Big Responsibilities

March 10, 2008

A few days ago I picked up my wife from our neighbor’s house and came to the realization that this couple (both past retirement) is quite extraordinary.  Besides being one of the only households that welcomed us to the neighborhood a few years back, they have also brought into their home two of their grandchildren who they have raised since birth.  G and I do not know the story behind the parent’s disappearance though we suspect drugs or mental illness are involved since both parents are alive.  Knowing how much energy is required in raising a child I have only admiration for the love they give to their two little ones.  They have a boy four and girl three and warm smiles for strangers and neighbors alike.

G also has a co-worker who is in the process of taking in five of her brother’s children as foster children.  Again drugs and alcohol are involved, the mother is dead and the father can barely keep himself alive or out of jail.  This couple, nearing retirement, looking forward to travel, etc. will be taking into their home boys and girls ranging in age from four to twelve.  She is quitting her job to take care of them and with an overflowing heart will try to help these children find a stability and safety that has yet to exist. 

When I come into contact with individuals who have made a life decision so huge and giving I want to reach within myself and share all I can find that is good and worthy.  Eh, perhaps this post is the natural reaction to the saints that walk among us.


2 Responses to “Big Responsibilities”

  1. I have a friend like this. She took in an unknown Ugandan boy and fostered him and saw him through school, until he upped and ran away. She took in her housekeeper’s daughter and raised and schooled her too. Now she has just taken in her deceased sister in laws child, who was placed in care when her mom died- all this despite the fact that they live on the smell of an oil rag and the fact that she’s just got over ten years of ME. There are indeed saints amongst us.

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