Facebook flush

April 8, 2008

I’m spending more time on Facebook. I played Scrabble as a boy with my Grandfather so the Scrabulous application is now one of my suckers of time. An unexpected side-effect of the social networking site is the past relationships that have of a sudden been reignited. High school classmates are now my “friends” and we exchange pleasant emails to catch up on the last ten years or so. Old college drinking buddies want to know what is happening in a life that has dramatically changed since the times when happy hour was the main concern on a Friday evening. All of this re-visiting of past selves leaves me feeling a wee bit strange. Caught between wanting to take the next step of face-to-face contact and knowing how limited my time is, I waffle (along with them) in a dance of reconnection without mention of a possible future.

And maybe we are not meant to have the physical interaction. Perhaps for some these fleeting wall posts and comments on photos might just be the new definition of the relationship. For the old friends in far-off lands I don’t expect much more from them or me. Though I must admit at least one instance over the holidays when we were invited to a party from a friend with whom I’d reconnected, had a fun time and did not strain one bit over the conversion from electronic to physical interacting. I guess if it works then go with it, Facebook allows the ties to come back together and I get to decide that next step.


One Response to “Facebook flush”

  1. awareness Says:

    I think that’s a very good way of looking at Facebook. It’s a strange phenom, and I dont know why I still have mine up and running. But, some of the people who have reached out to say hello from my university days has been fascinating. Like you, I don’t know yet if I will meet them again in the flesh, at least there is a chance if I want to take it.

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